Why Econ Loop?

1. Quality- Partnering with a proven, tenured manufacturer allows us to provide chemicals that are comparable to the premier products on the market. Work with us to modify your products to reach the desired performance.

2. Economical- Our business model allows us to provided the very best products at the best prices. We will work with you to find a solution on price as well as quality. Talk to us about our price match and let us earn your business.

3. Private Labeling- Ever dreamed of having your own brand of products? Our private labeling program can make that dream a reality! Pick from our existing product line or allow us to help you develop chemicals. We will assist you in the labeling process using your logo. This is an easy way to increase revenue, expand your brand and provide customer retention.

4. Emphasis on Local Economies- Econ Loop was created in order to help local businesses increase their bottom line. Our goal is to create a Mississippi business eco-system where we can grow together. We are a Mississippi based company that manufacturers here at home. 

5. Giving Back- Econ Loop has partnered with Mississippi Industries for the Blind in producing/distributing a number of our products. These efforts help provide jobs for the vision imparied in Mississippi.

6. Veteran Owned- Econ Loop is veteran owned and operated. You can expect professional dedication and service.